UPDATE: The Associated Press is reporting the lawsuit in federal court asking for the votes of Milwaukee, Dane and Menomonee Counties to be thrown out has been dropped. “A court filing Monday didn’t give a reason,” the AP is reporting. “Attorney James Bopp said he could not say why the lawsuit was dropped because of attorney-client privilege.”

The Republican Party of Milwaukee County held a “Defend Your Vote” rally on Saturday. It went about as well as can be expected.

Despite a recent warning from the city of Milwaukee Health Department about public gatherings and enforcing social distancing regulations with big fines, Serb Hall agreed to host the rally. When the Health Department showed up, and actually was willing to let the rally continue with everyone sitting down, the crowd got ugly(er).

As a representative of Serb Hall attempted to get the rally crowd to sit down, someone ripped the microphone from his hands. In the scuffle, he was knocked down. He later told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel he was kicked while he was on the ground.

You can see video of the incident online here and here. It’s interesting how the employee of Serb Hall is being treated as the villain because he dared to try to get the microphone back and tried to keep the city from shutting the business down. Not surprisingly, the Milwaukee County Republican Party didn’t post the video of the incident on their Facebook Page, just some happy pictures.

But instead of getting upset at the health department or Serb Hall (I recommend the fish sandwich), the rally goers should be angry at the rally organizers.

Protect the vote? Who from? The only threat to the vote in Wisconsin right now is from Republicans.

A Republican lawsuit in federal court is actually attempting to throw out every ballot cast in Dane, Milwaukee and Menominee counties because of the number of absentee ballots cast. That’s right. Too many of us, Democrats, Republicans and whatevers, voted absentee in those counties and so all of the votes have to be tossed.

The best part of this lawsuit is that it claims the plaintiffs don’t even have to prove fraud. “In close races such fraud can swing elections. Since Crawford already recognized this risk, it need not be proven,” the lawsuit claims.

The lawsuit also relies upon the Dan O’Donnell theory of tossing absentee ballots over correcting the addresses of witnesses, a theory which we debunked last week.

Obviously, the lawsuit is not going anywhere. (UPDATE: the case has been dropped.)

However, it’s not the only threat to Wisconsin’s presidential votes actually being counted.

State Rep. Joe Sanfelippo (R-New Berlin), apparently caught up in the “vote fraud” hysteria, actually threatened to have the legislature choose the state’s electors rather than have the state’s ten Electoral College votes cast for former Vice President Joe Biden.

Sanfelippo, citing anonymous and unsubstantiated claims of vote fraud and the failure of the state Election Commission to properly clean up the voter rolls, actually said in an interview with WTMJ’s Steve Scaffidi that the legislature might need to break the law and choose the electors themselves.

“So I think that, what we have to do, if we have to violate state law, but that state law is in place assuming all the state laws before that have been followed,” Sanfelippo said.

Sanfelippo’s other remedy is to have Wisconsin have a complete do-over election. Since the battle over the voter registrations has been going on for over a year, should we assume Sanfelippo will also support overturning every single election in Wisconsin since June 2019?

This is what happens when leaders like Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) decide to open his caucus to the craziness with his announcement of a legislative investigation into the election. Vos and Sanfelippo, rather than listening to the Vicki McKennas and David Clarkes of the world spouting conspiracy theories, should go into Vos’ office and consult his own election expert.

Instead of panicking when the nuts call demanding the overturning of the election in Wisconsin, Assembly Republicans should show some backbone and tell their constituents the truth. Because when it comes to identifying the biggest threat to democracy in Wisconsin, the GOP just has to look in the mirror.