President Donald Trump fired the bearer of good news, but the congressman from Wisconsin most concerned with cyber security has a different view of the administration official who announced the election was secure from manipulation and hacking.

Christopher Krebs, the director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, declared the November 3 election was free from outside interference.

“After millions of Americans voted, we have no evidence any foreign adversary was capable of preventing Americans from voting or changing vote tallies,” said Krebs.

That statement, contradicting statements by Trump that votes were changed by electronic voting equipment, led to Krebs being fired by the president on Tuesday.

However, Krebs’ performance was praised by Republican Mike Gallagher (R-WI8), the co-chairman of the bipartisan Cyberspace Solarium Commission (CSC) dedicated to protecting our nation’s online infrastructure.

“Chris Krebs did his job and did it extremely well. The country is safer and our elections more secure from foreign interference because of his leadership at CISA,” Gallagher said in a statement to RightWisconsin on Tuesday. “He left a legacy of success that reiterates the Commission’s recommendations to strengthen CISA, maintain auditable paper trails for voting, and provide cyber education so Americans can better spot disinformation.”

Trump’s supporters, without any evidence, have been focused on alleged election manipulation on voting equipment provided by Dominion Voting Systems. However, Krebs’ agency CISA and other agencies involved in the effort to protect the election from cyber attack issued a joint statement saying there was no cyber manipulation of the votes.

“There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised,” according to the statement.

The joint statement included a message to voters.

“While we know there are many unfounded claims and opportunities for misinformation about the process of our elections, we can assure you we have the utmost confidence in the security and integrity of our elections, and you should too,” read the statement. “When you have questions, turn to elections officials as trusted voices as they administer elections.”

The CISA website also has a “Rumor vs Reality” webpage that undercuts the president’s claim that the election was somehow rigged against him.

Ironically, the CISA agency was created by the Trump Administration in 2018 to combat the very cyber threats the president claims without any evidence occurred during the election.