President Donald Trump may be allowing the Government Services Administration to proceed with the transition process to a Biden Administration, but one Republican die-hard in Wisconsin is clinging to a Trump election victory like a lost Japanese soldier unaware of the emperor’s surrender at the end of World War II.

Bob Dohnal, a local Republican activist who calls critics of Trump “Judas Goats,” says he is not conceding former Vice President Joe Biden won despite announcing a “Trump 2024 Inaugural Conference.”

The author of a semi-literate newsletter, the Wisconsin Conservative Digest, said in e-mail to RightWisconsin that the Trump hearts will go on:

“Our conference is not a concession. We are not conceding our country to the far-left Marxist,” Dohnal wrote to RightWisconsin. “Trump and his family will be a staple in American politics going forward- Trump, Trump Jr, Eric, Ivanka, and maybe little Barron. Everyone should get use{d} to it.” 

The monarchical strain of rightwing politics returns.

The conference itself will be about “a new conservative movement,” according to the webpage for the event.

“Our new conservative movement, built by Trump, charts {sic} ahead,” says the webpage subheading. “Check out our conference and our conservative agenda moving forward.”