Rep. Tom Tiffany (R-WI7) announced Tuesday that he will object to Wisconsin’s electors being counted when Congress meets to certify the presidential election on Wednesday. Tiffany joins U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) in voting to object to Wisconsin’s electoral votes being counted.

Tiffany’s colleague Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI8) announced Sunday that he would vote for certification. Former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) also called for Republicans to drop their objections to the presidential election being certified.

Tiffany’s statement is below:

“Ballots cast in violation of the procedures set forth in state statute ‘may not be included in the certified result of any election.‘ That is the law, and that is why I must support tomorrow’s objection. And while I take no pleasure in casting this vote, this is the last option that remains to protect the rights of millions of Wisconsin voters who cast legal ballots.

“Wisconsin’s legislature did their job by enacting common-sense laws to safeguard the integrity of our elections system which I supported as a State Senator. Unfortunately, our state supreme court failed in their responsibility to uphold them, and a handful of county clerks chose to subvert them.

“While most Wisconsin clerks complied with the law and administered free and fair elections in November, officials in Dane County and Milwaukee County took active steps to undermine and circumvent those laws. By allowing hundreds of thousands of illegal votes to be cast and counted, these unscrupulous officials have disenfranchised the great majority of Wisconsin voters who followed the law.

“Milwaukee and Dane officials openly defied the state ban on ballot harvesting, and intentionally misinterpreted a law designed to allow voting by those under ‘indefinite confinement’ – reserved for the severely disabled and elderly nursing home residents – in order to sidestep voter ID requirements. These clerks also illegally altered absentee voting forms on a massive scale by ‘curing’ incomplete or incorrectly filed mail-in applications and envelopes – a practice not permitted under state statute.

“Taken together, these violations alone affected some 200,000 ballots in Wisconsin – nearly 10 times the 20,000-vote margin that now separates President Trump and Joe Biden in the state. As a result, Wisconsin voters will never truly know who actually won our state in November.

“Tomorrow’s objection is not an effort to nullify or undermine our democracy, quite the contrary, this process is rooted in the constitution and recent precedent. In fact, it is the same process used by Democrat lawmakers after the 2000 and 2004 elections seeking to, in the words of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, ‘speak up for their aggrieved constituents.’

“By failing to act to address these irregularities and violations, we risk further degrading public trust in our democratic institutions and subverting our cherished system of representative government – and that is something no one in American can afford to let happen.”