Rohn Bishop

Rohn Bishop is the Chairman of the Republican Party of Fond du Lac County. The views expressed are his own.

It’s nice to be invited back for the RightWisconsin 2021 predictions. And while I had mixed sucess with my predictions for 2020, admittedly I never saw a global pandemic coming. 

As for 2021, I begin with a gloomy prediction of an increase in seasonal depression. As January slogs along and we realize that COVID didn’t care that the year changed, or that the President changed, a lot of people will slip into a depression. A depression we hopefully come out of in Spring as the vaccine takes hold. 

Speaking of COVID, the growing aggravation of government mandates and shutdowns will boil over, likely this Spring around the one-year anniversary of the “Safer at Home” order. People will just demand that their schools, libraries, church fish frys, and sporting events reopen. I wouldn’t be surprised to see reopening become a hot issue in local Spring Elections.

Governor Tony Evers will continue to see his numbers decline as his incompetence sets in with the general public. His weak leadership and failures at distributing a COVID vaccine, responding to urban unrest, and his lack of desire to ever leave Madison will just grind on people. 

Evers’ redistricting commission will be unable to produce maps that are much more “Democratic” than the current maps. The GOP legislature will accept the Evers’ “People’s Maps Commission” report, and will continue to hold 60+ Assembly Seats. 

Evers will sign a mostly GOP state budget as Assembly Speaker Robin Vos becomes the most dominant elected official in Madison. Evers will announce he’s not running again. By late Summer both parties will be happy to see Tony Evers go!

Former Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleechfish will announce her candidacy for governor. She’ll become the instant front runner. 

Current Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes does, too, and becomes the frontrunner for the Democrats. 

The Green Bay Packers will win the Super Bowl. 

Rob Manfred will continue his efforts to destroy baseball by trying to impress non-fans of baseball!  Not only will the Designated Hitter become universal, but there will be even more replayed plays, more nets and plexiglass, and probably more batter minimums for pitchers. He’ll never realize how stupid MLB’s local streaming blackouts are, especially when you’re trying to court a younger population. 

For the first time professional player contracts will start to shrink as the financial realities of fan-less games start to take hold in sports. I also think several minor leagues will begin to merge and lose teams. Those minor leagues don’t have the TV revenue to keep them afloat for a year or two. 

I’ll go out on a limb and add that once the players start feeling the pain from COVID shutdowns, they’ll start demanding fans in the stands, too. Large liberal cities won’t allow it and teams will be forced to play elsewhere, likely minor league parks in more Republican areas. 

State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski still won’t have anything to do. The press will still pretend she does.

Doug LaFollette won’t announce anything. (I’m finally going to be right about him!)

Senator Ron Johnson will announce he’s not seeking a third term. Kevin Nicholson will jump in and become the front runner. 

State Sen. Patrick Testin (R-Stevens Point) starts mulling a run for Lt. Governor.

I’ll probably tweet something stupid and think to myself I should get off Twitter. 

Nancy Pelosi will announce her retirement at the end of this Congress.