Dan Adams is a well-known criminal defense attorney and is a weekly guest on the Steve Scaffidi show on WTMJ in the Adams vs. Roth segment on Fridays.

Well, looks like I’m the token Democrat again on this list. Blame Wigderson and bear with me:

1. By mid-year several Republicans will announce their candidacies for governor. Among them will be former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke who will use the specter of his candidacy as a grift to raise money for his personal use. Former Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch will attempt to out-MAGA him to her detriment. 

2. The scandal that is Milwaukee Public Schools comes to a head after the district’s one-size-fits-all approach to virtual learning proves to be an incredible failure. Statewide discussions as to a dramatic, systemic change to the district begin anew. 

3. One of the three activist (formerly conservative) justices on the Wisconsin Supreme Court (Roggensack, Grassl Bradley, Ziegler) will make a speech to a state law school wherein she will discuss her judicial philosophy. They will not see the dozens of students’ rolling their eyes at their pronouncements on “judicial restraint” as the speech will be performed via Zoom. 

4. Realizing he has no shame left anyway, Senator Ron Johnson will renounce his self-imposed two term limit and begin gearing up for 2022.  There will be several Democrats lining up to run against him – including some candidates no one saw coming. 

5. President Donald Trump self-pardons. He also pardons his entire immediate family. Rudy Giuliani also gets pardoned and upon receipt makes the obvious Borat joke (“Very nice.”).

6. Former Brown Deer Superintendent Debb Kerr is elected Superintendent of Public Instruction. Her election shows Wisconsin voters can still elect commonsense, experienced, and qualified adults to important positions.

7. The City of Milwaukee writes former police chief Alfonso Morales a big o’ check to stay retired. The local media continues to allow Mayor Tom Barrett to avoid any responsibility for the city’s public safety fiasco which includes a completely dysfunctional Police & Fire Commission, rising violent crime rates, and an actual staffing crisis of officers and detectives. Ideologues on the Common Council don’t realize the tide of public opinion has turned harshly against their anti-police stances.

8. A new US Attorney is sworn in for the Eastern District of Wisconsin. Some bigtime white collar and political indictments ensue. If you find yourself on the other end of a summons for one of these –call me!