Bill Osmulski is the News/Content Director for the MacIver Institute.

Guaranteed to Happen in 2021

You’ll reminisce about something you did a year ago that you’ll never do again.

You will be required to do something besides just wearing a mask for the sake of public health – and most people will comply without a second thought.

The media will present something as normal that would have been considered obscene or unthinkable less than ten years ago.

You’ll lose another friend over politics.

You won’t be allowed to attend a church service without taking a series of extraordinary measures.

Fact checkers will flag at least one of your posts on social media as false, even though you know it’s true.

You or someone you know will be questioned by law enforcement about attending a meeting, rally, party, church service, dinner, or other social gathering.

You’ll feel uncomfortable asking the government to renew your concealed carry license, knowing it indicates you most likely own a firearm.

You’ll wonder if flying the American flag outside your house marks you as an extremist.

A court case on a serious public policy matter will be decided on procedure and politics, rather than what’s written in the law.

A government official will violate the US Constitution, but nothing will be done about it.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission will identify individuals who committed voter fraud, but no charges will ever be filed.

None of the recommendations from the joint hearing on election integrity will be adopted. There will be no audit of Milwaukee’s presidential ballots, removal of WEC’s illegal election rules, nor prosecution of those who committed election fraud. 

Republican lawmakers will agree to an increase in the state budget for education, healthcare, transportation, WEDC, DWD, the DNR, etc., etc., etc. Democrats will say it’s not enough.

Tony Evers will accept a position in the Biden Administration making Mandela Barnes the first African-American governor in Wisconsin history. The focus of the Barnes Administration will be racial justice and climate change. Gov. Barnes will accomplish as much of his agenda as possible through executive orders. Republican lawmakers will take no meaningful action to support nor oppose those orders. Barnes will be the runaway favorite going into 2022 to win the gubernatorial election.