Jay Miller, of Whitefish Bay, is a tax attorney and is a Badger Institute visiting fellow.

Here are my rock solid (hardly!) predictions for 2021. 

1. Donald Trump will not leave office graciously. (Query: Does it count as a prediction if its likelihood of happening is equal to that of the Earth continuing to rotate?)

2. Trump’s aspirations for a presidential run in 2024 will fizzle because he will be facing criminal charges from the Manhattan District Attorney and the New York Attorney General relating to his finances and/or taxes. 

3. Sen. Alberta Darling, as the new Chair of the state Senate Committee on Education, will propose a takeover of MPS. Gov. Evers will oppose it because crossing the teachers’ union would be far worse in his mind than consigning inner-city kids to a failed school system.

4. Violent crime in Milwaukee will continue to surge as Mayor Tom Barrett, the Common Council and the Fire and Police Commission worry much more about issues of racial equity than homicides.

5. The Milwaukee Brewers will finish well below .500 for the season because they have no money left after paying Christian Yelich and suffering through another season (or part thereof) without fans.

6. State Sen. Chris Larson will declare his candidacy for the 2022 U.S. Senate seat against Ron Johnson (or successor Republican) because of his insatiable ambition and realization Democrats will not control the state Senate during his lifetime.

7. Tony Evers and State Senate/Assembly Republicans will not be able to agree to a legislative redistricting map. (OK, I’m cheating here because, like in No. 1 above, there is no other possible scenario.)

8. Aaron Rodgers will drop Shailene Woodley as his girlfriend and plead with Danica Patrick to take him back.

9. Rick “The Check’s in the Mail” Barrett will not be able to start construction on The Couture in January because there are “just a few more details to iron out.” This is after 9 years from when he first announced the project.

10. FoxConn will become an amusement park and, as a unique feature, flat-screen TVs will be fastened to each of the rides.