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After beating the K.C. Chiefs in Super Bowl, celebrating Packers drop and break Lombardi trophy.

The Milwaukee Common Council fires police chief Alfonso Morales for a second time.

Robin Vos returns a phone call from Gov. Evers, leaves message.

Madison Common Council legalizes crime to reduce jail population.

Wisconsin Republicans name Robert Dohnal state party chairman to hear how he did it back in the day.

Prosecutors in the state of New York seek to extradite Trump from Scotland to face charges.

Texas declares itself the Second Republic of Texas, remembers Alamo.

Iceberg that calved off Antarctica named 52nd state after Puerto Rico but spoils Democratic plans by voting Republican.

The Milwaukee Common Council fires police chief Alfonso Morales for a third time.

Special prosecutor John “Bull” Durham indicts Hillary Clinton, James Comey, and Rachel Maddow for poor ratings.

Hunter Biden sent to Las Vegas to learn the casino business under the protection of the Molinari family.

Trump wins Nobel Peace Prize. Obama returns his.

Dissatisfied with One America News and Newsmax, Trump bitter enders now subscribe to the new 24/7 Trump-owned Trump channel, accessible through tooth fillings.

Joe Biden wanders away from the White House in his jammies one night, requiring Kamala Harris to act as president under the 25th Amendment until he is found.

Justice Brian Hagedorn rules in favor of conservatives but is in the minority in a 6-1 decision.

Charges are dropped against Kyle Rittenhouse after hung jury. More of Kenosha burns down. Evers considers sending National Guard.

Last Wisconsin Covid-19 case recorded on November 1. Madison public schools remain closed for in-person learning until the heartbreak of psoriasis is cured. 

Milwaukee police chief Alfonso Morales fired for a fourth time.