Sam Hagedorn is a former Chairman of the Milwaukee County Republican Party and a Republican activist.

Happy 2021 to all.

MVP Aaron Rogers will lead the Packers to the Super Bowl.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett ends his disastrous reign leading to a progressive free-for-all primary with a surprise conservative winner.

Wannabe journalist and former cop Jim Piwowarczyk will learn the meaning of the “rule of law”.

MVP Christian Yelich will lead the Milwaukee Brewers to the World Series.

Sen. Ron Johnson announces he will run for office in 2022 and hopes like all-get-out that Wisconsin laws are changed so more than 12 people can cast legal ballots.

Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley announces he’s reached 100% Racial Equity. 

MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo will lead the Bucks to the NBA Championship.

The Milwaukee Common Council redraws Aldermanic lines to add 10 new districts to make up for the loss of police protection.

The race for Wisconsin Lt. Governor gains momentum with the battle cry of “WHO?” 

The Rule of Law will reign Supreme in the courts.

By the time you read this all of your New Year’s Resolutions will be broken.