Jordan Morales is a conservative writer in Milwaukee. He has written for Newsmax, the Centennial Institute, and the Hispanic Conservative. 

After a year of records, most of them the kind you don’t want to achieve, predictions should be a little bit easier than in the past, so here is what I think will happen in 2021:

Milwaukee will have less than 100 murders, after closing out 2020 with a record 192 homicides.

Milwaukee Public Schools will not reopen for in-person learning when the school board meets on January 18. The MTEA (teacher union) has been vocally against any in-person learning for the foreseeable future.

Neither of the two finalists for Milwaukee Police Chief (Malik Aziz and Hoyt Mahaley) will ultimately be hired for the job. Acting Chief Norman will get the nod after getting support from the Common Council.

Democrats in Congress will pass two more direct payment stimulus checks for Americans and President Biden will sign it.

Finally, Trump will continue to do America First rallies across the nation, teasing a 2024 run, continually pressuring Republicans to not upset his supporters.