The following is a statement made by state Sen. Dale Kooyenga (R-Brookfield) on his personal Facebook page after the riot by President Donald Trump’s supporters at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday. Reposted here with permission.

I generally don’t do politics on my personal Facebook page because I want my friends and family to connect with me as a brother in Christ, cousin, nephew, brother, etc… instead of a “politician.” With that disclaimer, I just want to say a few words as a friend in the heat of politics to my friends and family…..

{Wednesday} was a dark day. For sometime I’ve wondered if what we’ve seen transpire is to be blamed on politics, or is politics a manifestation of a nation that continues to turn their face not only away from God, but the basic attributes of Christian values that even non-believers agreed were attributes of being a good citizen.

It’s clear that riot/insurgent like behavior we’ve seen this past year in D.C. and Wisconsin is from both sides of the political spectrum. These are individuals that have made politics their religion – their Salvation comes from their favorite politician and the party is their church. In addition to not trusting God, it’s also clear they don’t trust our Constitution which brilliantly sets up system that administers justice more equitably than a mob.

America is full of amazing people. I’ve seen Democrats and Republicans give their all on the battlefield, work together in business, break bread together at Church and even work on bills together in Madison!

I promise you I will do everything in my power to be the light in darkness. Don’t make politics your religion, don’t let social media and cable T.V. pull you away from your family and always seek the truth.