(The Center Square) – There is another call for lawmakers in Madison to gut an emergency order and mask requirement from Gov. Tony Evers. 

Sen. Steve Nass, R-Whitewater, on Friday said the governor once again overstepped his authority when he extended his emergency order until mid-March. 

“The time has come for the Wisconsin Legislature to stand up for civil liberties and put an end to the excessive actions of Governor Evers to control the people of this state with unending Covid-19 emergency declarations,” Nass said in a statement. 

Gov. Evers on Friday added 60 more days to his emergency order and mask requirement. By the time the order expires in the spring, Wisconsin will have been under a mask requirement in one form or another for nearly a full year.

Nass is asking the State Assembly and the State Senate to officially cancel the governor’s order. 

“I will be offering a joint resolution that would immediately end the new emergency declaration and any orders issued from it. Wisconsin law allows the duly elected members of the Legislature, by joint resolution, to end any emergency declaration,” Nass said.

Gov. Evers has officially issued three emergency orders dealing with the coronavirus. 

“The people of Wisconsin have been living with Covid-19 for almost a year now,” Nass said. “They are more than capable of determining for themselves and their family what steps are appropriate in their daily lives without the heavy hand of Evers.”

The Wisconsin Supreme Court struck down the governor’s Safer at Home order back in May. That ended the first mask requirement in the state. The court has yet to rule on challenges to the governor’s emergency orders; specifically whether the governor or the secretary of the Department of Health Services has the power to extend the orders indefinitely. 

Nass has asked for lawmakers to act before. But Republican leaders at the statehouse have been reluctant to call for the legislature to override the governor. There’s no indication Nass’ latest request will go anywhere. 

Benjamin Yount reports on Illinois and Wisconsin statewide issues for The Center Square. Reposted with permission.