Congressman Scott Fitzgerald (R-WI5) sent his first letter home from the Washington last week. In the newsletter to constituents, Fitzgerald let them know the highlights from his first month as a member of Congress.

You’ll be forgiven if you suddenly hear the melody of Allan Sherman’s “Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh” as you read it.

As I wrap up 
my first month in Congress 
there is a lot
to reflect on. 
My office is 
at your service 
and I am proud to say we fielded 166 calls and 4,858 emails from the people of the 5th District.

Fitzgerald mentions in his letter meeting with workers from Michels Corp., advocating for pro-life principles on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and receiving his committee assignments.

(The last one was especially important after the congressman sent out two press releases with “ALERT” in all-caps announcing the committees. When he becomes a committee chairman we’ll have headlines the size of Pearl Harbor.)

But that was it. Nothing else in January was worth mentioning.

So… what’s missing? January 2021… Am I forgetting something? I swear something important happened. I got a pedicure. I shoveled some snow. I saw a lighthouse on a beach.

Oh, and my congressman voted twice to disenfranchise millions of voters after a violent mob invaded the Capitol with the alleged intent of killing the Vice President, the Speaker of the House and possibly a few of Fitzgerald’s colleagues. In the process of attacking the Capitol, a police officer was killed. Two more would commit suicide after the incident.

The goal of the mob was to prevent Congress from officially counting the presidential electors from each state so President Donald Trump could remain in power. Fitzgerald, silent up to that moment, ended up voting to do what the mob wanted after the violence was put down and the Capitol was cleared.

Somehow that didn’t make Fitzgerald’s letter to home. Must not have been worth much reflection.

In response to an email inquiry, Fitzgerald’s office offered a non-explanation-explanation.

“The goal of this eNewslettter is to keep constituents up-to-date with the Congressman’s activities in D.C. & back in the district,” said Kelli Liegel, Fitzgerald’s press secretary, in an email. “We included the highlights of his activities this month: meeting with workers from the district, receiving his Committee assignments, and actively engaging with colleagues on pro-life issues.”

Fair enough. Voting to disenfranchise millions of people is probably not a highlight, but it was an activity.

Regarding the violence on January 6, Liegel pointed to a statement issued that day.

“I was in the House Chamber when the Capitol was breached – thankfully, my staff and I are safe and secure. My thanks to law enforcement for their efforts to restore order and I strongly condemn the violence that was inflicted on the men and women of law enforcement doing their duty.

It is my hope that the House will soon resume debate on the electoral ballots in order to uphold our Constitutional responsibility. We should not be further delayed from addressing this serious issue due to today’s lawless acts.”

Fitzgerald then did exactly what the violent attackers wanted and failed to uphold his Constitutional responsibilities. His constituents might have wanted to know all about the events of January 6 and what their congressman did, but Fitzgerald is engaging in the collective amnesia of the Republican Party hoping that we’ll forget, too.

Makes you wonder why Fitzgerald bothered to send an email to his constituents at all.

Wait, I hear Allan Sherman again…

At the Capitol, they’re building fencing
We’re complaining, about Biden’s spending
Brand new office, Fox News is calling
Muddah, Faddah kindly disregard this letter