In 2010, Wisconsin voters chose to move the state in a conservative direction by electing conservative majorities in the legislature, Governor Scott Walker and Senator Ron Johnson. Great change has occurred in our state and the result has been fiscal stability and economic prosperity.

The question now for conservatives is: how do we live up to the state motto and move forward? Forward with economic liberty, forward with educational choice for parents, forward with religious freedom, forward with freedom of speech, forward with protecting conservative values in our communities, forward towards a smaller government, always moving forward against the failed Progressive history of Wisconsin.

RightWisconsin was created to point Wisconsin conservatives forward.

Founded in 2013, RightWisconsin is Wisconsin politics the Right way. Conservative principles are bigger than any individual or election. RightWisconsin is not about advancing political careers or even a political party, but about advancing ideas. RightWisconsin is the forum for conservatives to debate the goals and tactics of the conservative movement in Wisconsin.

From breaking news to insightful commentary, RightWisconsin is the first place conservatives turn to every day to catch up on what is happening in Wisconsin politics. RightWisconsin is also the “one-stop” resource for Wisconsin conservatives who want to be informed. Features like our events calendar and our page for press releases help Wisconsin conservatives organize to protect and advance the conservative cause.

RightWisconsin is moving the conservative cause forward, because there’s no turning back.

Editor James Wigderson

About the editor:

RightWisconsin is currently edited by James Wigderson. He is a former award-winning columnist with the Waukesha Freeman and an education reporter with Wigderson also blogs occasionally at the Wigderson Library & Pub. To contact him, please email him at