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12 hours ago
WILL in @WSJopinion in 2018 urging delisting of gray wolves in Wisconsin. | Wolves attack Wisconsin with Washington’s help, writes Cori Petersen of @WILawLiberty https://t.co/RH9lhIATLo via @WSJ
14 hours ago
“Working with a reform-minded Legislature, we enacted bold policies in Wisconsin that led to more people working than ever before, and public assistance that was more like a trampoline and less like a hammock." - @ScottWalker on results in WILL study

https://t.co/Gz14V7monD https://t.co/Tr9i4KPFyc
18 hours ago
"Inflation-adjusted spending has increased while NAEP scores stagnate."

2 days ago
Even as spending per student has increased in Wisconsin, #NAEP scores have remained stagnant. More money is not the solution for Wisconsin schools. #wiright #SchoolChoice https://t.co/uDip2TPlBX WILawLiberty photo

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