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Dear Republicans, Take the Win and Eliminate the State Property Tax Now!

“Send me to Madison so I can make sure you pay higher property taxes.” Remember when politicians were out on the trail last fall with that message? Me neither. Yet some Republican legislators are seriously considering doing just that. They actually want to ensure that you and I pay higher property taxes than those proposed under Governor Walker’s budget.

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24 hours ago
What does occupational licensing look like in #Wisconsin?

Every year more workers have to fight more red tape.

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1 day ago
Great work @badgerinstitute @WILawLiberty on your 'Primer on Occupational Licensing'. More proof that my Sunrise Review bill needs to be passed, which creates a process to review the impact of newly proposed regulations before they are enacted.
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1 day ago
Research shows occupational licensing:

❌ Limits employment and opportunity
😑 Raises prices
🛫Limits worker mobility
🧐All without conclusive evidence that it boosts quality or safety.

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