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Seeking to fill a void

Some state legislators, health advocacy organizations and free-market advocates believe that allowing dental therapy in Wisconsin would increase access to care without throwing the burden back onto taxpayers.

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10 hours ago
“This is a story of hard lessons. Good intentions were thwarted by a lack of taxpayer accountability at the local level. And a state law intended to help meet the high demand for school facilities has resulted in just one sale to a charter school,”
16 hours ago
"These buildings, or properties, can be used to provide the educational opportunities that are in need and hold the key to a more equitable prosperity in Milwaukee," Kooyenga said. "We will continue to work on the issue."
2 days ago
. @EmpowerWi covered our case: "The lawsuit of an Oxford, Wis. teen threatened with arrest for posting on Instagram that she had COVID-19 remains mired in delays six months after her parents took the sheriff’s department to court." Read more here:
6 days ago
. @EmpowerWi gives an update on WILL's free speech case in Marquette Co. WI

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