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Chippewa Falls Hit With TID Tax

The new development might not be paying city taxes, but it still requires city services. The city’s residents, therefore, face either higher taxes or diminished services. The choice for Chippewa Falls, as with nearly every city that uses TIF, is easy. Raise taxes.

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19 hours ago
MUST READ-->Black WI Attorney Savagely Assails Cap Times' Offensive Esenberg "noose" cartoon @WILawLiberty @empowerwi @sheriffclarke
19 hours ago
Just going to leave this here...

"Of the racism I have experienced since I moved to Wisconsin over 25 years ago, the worst has come from white people on the political left who presume to tell me how bothered I should be about racism in Wisconsin."
20 hours ago
New @SchoolChoiceNow poll shows voters’ support for school choice inched higher than in previous AFC polls, with 69% of respondents now supporting the concept and 25% opposing
2 days ago
Many U.S. leaders agree-families should choose what education option best fits their children's needs. Can't wait for the NBF, Hispanics for School Choice, @SchoolChoiceWI, @WILawLiberty, @SchoolChoiceNow & @AFPWI Capitol Rally in honor of School Choice!

Countdown to Democratic National Convention

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