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Supreme Court Ruling Prompts New WI Property Rights Bill

A St. Croix County family owned two lots, side-by-side, and wanted to sell one of them. The county, the state, and the US Supreme Court all told them no. Because the two adjoining lots had the same owner, they were legally the same property according to state law. State lawmakers are now working to change that law.

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New study shows how school choice in Wisconsin can lead to more graduates, grow economy by $3.2 billion #wiright #schoolchoice
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We are thrilled to celebrate #SchoolChoiceWeek today at the Capitol in Madison with @vp @BetsyDeVosED and others.

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A recent primer from the Badger Institute and the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty says Wisconsin is requiring more and more people to get a state-issued license to work in their field. #wipolitics

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