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Supreme Court Ruling Prompts New WI Property Rights Bill

A St. Croix County family owned two lots, side-by-side, and wanted to sell one of them. The county, the state, and the US Supreme Court all told them no. Because the two adjoining lots had the same owner, they were legally the same property according to state law. State lawmakers are now working to change that law.

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The Truth About Road Bonding

Wisconsin lawmakers might not like the idea of borrowing to pay for road projects, but an overwhelming amount of research and experience, not to mention current state policy, shows bonding to be an effective and essential component in transportation funding.

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@WILL on Twitter

1 hour ago
A conservative law firm alleges that the Wisconsin Elections Commission broke the law when it decided to wait up to two years to make ineligible those voters identified as potentially having moved.

The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty @WILawLiberty filed a complaint today
1 hour ago
Research Director @WillFlandersWI joins @WTMJSteve at 11:07 AM this morning on @620wtmj.

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WILawLiberty photo
1 hour ago
WILL alleges the Wisconsin Elections Commission violated a state law requiring updated and accurate voter data.
3 hours ago
@onewisconsinnow You call "following the law" a back door attempt to subvert the law. There is nothing shameful about this work by @WILawLiberty. The state agency has a duty to follow the law.


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