Brian Fraley

Analyzing the New Tammy Baldwin Ads

“You’ve got the disgruntled manufacturing man, middle-aged man, disgruntled over international trade issues. That is a populist, nationalist ad targeting men. Then the other ad is more a bipartisan, targeting seniors or targeting women in the ad. They bookend.”

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Will They Drain This Cesspool?

The (mostly) men who work at the GAB have a two-decades long history of trying to be the Speech Police. It’s a record replete with disdain for legislative intent, state statutes and the Constitution of the United States.

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23 hours ago
. @SheriffClarke writes at @townhallcom on WILL's letter to @BetsyDeVosED urging her to rescind Obama-era discipline policies. Read it here --> WILawLiberty photo
23 hours ago
ICYMI: Check out WILL's response to @MilwaukeeMPS on school discipline policies and their agreement with the feds
1 day ago
WILL's @CJSzafir and @LibbySobic write in @thehill : "Democrats' education agenda would jeopardize state-level success" WILawLiberty photo

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