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The fact is Wisconsin’s economy is thriving and the best evidence of this is our increased tax revenues despite tax cuts for individuals and businesses.

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Stop the Bleed

Stop the bleed training is similar to CPR training. Please prepare yourself to help another in a time of need. You can be trained in less than a few short hours. 

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@WILL on Twitter

7 minutes ago
WILL President @RickEsenberg joins @NewsTalkWTAQ at 7:45 AM to discuss a major campus free speech victory involving a student at @NWTC.

Read more and tune in! https://t.co/bc0ywX6fo3 https://t.co/5FZVLwVvn9
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14 hours ago
"While this lawsuit was personal, it was never just about me," Olsen said in a statement. "When my First Amendment rights were violated by NWTC, I knew I had to stand up for my rights."

22 hours ago
Wisconsin needs real education solutions.

✅ Help high-performing schools expand
✅ Give parents more educational options
✅ Make the education funding system more equitable and transparent.

MORE --> https://t.co/Ho6aFKo95V
22 hours ago
A WILL victory for the First Amendment! https://t.co/Bou3KR3jqB


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