Dave Blaska

We remember Wiggie

Even if he had never served in public office, he would have been one of the best-known personalities in the Madison area for operating Wiggie’s tavern at 1901 Aberg Avenue, in the shadow of the now-shuttered Oscar Mayer plant, where he was once a proud worker and union steward.

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@WILL on Twitter

11 hours ago
"high quality teachers—that is, those who improved student learning most—tended to move to districts where teachers could negotiate their pay..."

https://t.co/7vUXK4BWdm https://t.co/15fG3aiMtj
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2 days ago
"Gov. Scott Walker’s collective-bargaining reforms have saved Wisconsin from becoming a fiscal basket case like Illinois, and a new study suggests they are improving student learning too."

https://t.co/7vUXK4BWdm https://t.co/pEGoLFkknx
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2 days ago
Good piece on our #Act10 research from @NoellWE & @Watchdogorg Performance improved after the legislation while saving taxpayers billions.

3 days ago
You've heard the doom and gloom about #Act10. But have you seen the results of rigorous academic studies that find positive results?

Check out and share WILL's infographic on Act 10. https://t.co/CBkxuSYeF1
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9 hours ago
RightWisconsin Daily Update: Is the Shorewood School District Insane? - https://t.co/0mvGKphdkW https://t.co/4legdiM19B RightWisconsin photo
10 hours ago
. @realDonaldTrump will hold a MAGA Rally on Wednesday, October 24 at 6:30 pm CDT at Central Wisconsin Airport in Mosinee.
10 hours ago
Removing Miley was Brewers’ plan. He will start Game 6.


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