Dave Blaska

Paul Ryan: A smart and decent public servant

Our acquaintances on the Left are not the only ones exposing their bilious natures today at the retirement of Paul Ryan from public life. Too many of my fellow conservatives are bidding good riddance to what they call a RINO — a Republican in name only. Most of whom never bothered to run for elective office or made much of a difference if they did.

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2 days ago
Outstanding recap of Thursday's oral arguments in McAdams v. Marquette by @ProfMJCleveland at @NRO -->
2 days ago
That's a wrap!

Oral arguments in S.W. vs. Evers at the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals are over.

WILL represents families of disabled children denied open enrollment. Our lawsuit alleges DPI is violating federal anti-discrimination laws.
2 days ago
If you missed Rick Esenberg from @WILawLiberty on the WTAQ Morning News with Matt & @EarlBrooker discussing the Marquette vs John McAdams State Supreme Court case, check out the podcast!

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14 hours ago
Barbara Bush's Secret Service detail, several of whom have been been with her for decades, refuse to leave her side until she is buried. Very powerful. RightWisconsin photo
14 hours ago
Any time 4 presidents are able to get together, it is a special time. Pictures like this are rare. #America
19 hours ago
A valid complaint to be sure. Imagine how many students in WI public schools are faced with this every day because of liberals forcing such policies.


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