Devin Gatton

@WILL on Twitter

8 hours ago
"I hope they take the fact that you can speak out and you can tell the truth even if university bureaucrats don't like it if you are willing to stick to your guns."
8 hours ago
ICYMI: Prof. John McAdams returned to work at @MarquetteU. Story by @fox6now
9 hours ago
ICYMI: @collinroth joined @WTMJSteve this morning on @620wtmj to discuss the dangerous precedent of offering Kimberly-Clark 'FoxConn-like' tax incentives.

@RightWisconsin on Twitter

12 hours ago
Five years ago, I started working as a reporter for a neat little paper called the @CapTimes. I sure am glad I did.
12 hours ago
Evers Made Wrong Choice in Pornography-Viewing Teacher License Case #WiRight #WiGov
1 day ago
It’s like say getting hammered and then driving off a bridge and leaving a woman in the car to suffocate to death in an air bubble that is slowly becoming unbreathable. RightWisconsin photo


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