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Raising Taxes For Transportation Not Conservative

Former journalist George Mitchell has taken to Right Wisconsin to attack Wisconsin’s conservatives in the last few days. Governor Walker, Senator Darling, and I have recently been targets of his poorly thought-out vitriol. In one of Mitchell’s attack du jour, he accused me of “doublespeak” as it relates to WisDOT funding. Let’s be clear. Those asking for new tax revenue for WisDOT believe government is not growing fast enough. As a senator, I am one of twenty Republicans in the caucus. The caucus has made a priority to complete started projects. Senate Republicans have garnered a consensus to borrow in the short...

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14 hours ago
Last week, @realDonaldTrump recognized WILL's campus free speech fight against @NWTC.

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14 hours ago
It's getting closer to #OpeningDay. Just remember, even in #Wisconsin you cannot take #tailgating for granted.

14 hours ago
Think that Dane County judges ruling invalidating the Extraordinary Session was a little off? So does WILL Associate Counsel Anthony LoCoco.

Check out his piece at @RightWisconsin

18 hours ago
“It’s ironic that Gov. Evers calls his budget ‘the people’s budget’ when he is empowering unelected bureaucrats to make laws..."

WILL Deputy Counsel @ltvebber



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