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Cue the Outrage

But don’t buy the “outrage” for a moment. The prevailing feeling among Democrats instead is one of glee that Republicans handed them a p.r. advantage by mishandling “the optics.”

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All is Not Lost

A “demographically diverse national survey of 7,200 Americans” selected by — steady yourself — PBS has voted the Harper Lee classic as “America’s favorite novel.”

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18 hours ago
WILL's @collinroth joins @centraltimewpr at 3:15 PM today to discuss WILL's new report urging reform of federal disability insurance.

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19 hours ago
. @WillFlandersWI writes on the controversy over schools with selective admissions. @MilwaukeeMPS school board members point the finger at #charter and #choice schools, but what about their own schools w/ selective admissions?

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22 hours ago
WILL's @CJSzafir and @OConnorCori writes in @WiStateJournal that government is threatening to regulate #weddingbarns out of existence.
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23 hours ago
“I don’t think it’s fair to say that so-called liberal judges will always vote for what Democrats want or so-called conservative judges will always vote for what Republicans want,” said Rick Esenberg


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