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Abrahamson Has a Secret

We learned Friday that Abrahamson has watched quietly throughout her decades-long tenure as Wisconsin legislators acted, time and again in her opinion, outside the limits of the state’s constitution.

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9 hours ago
40,000 Wisconsin students lack close access to high-performing schools.
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10 hours ago
WILL Deputy Counsel Luke Berg briefs @Heritage on WILL's parental rights lawsuit against @MMSDschools
1 day ago
The WI Supreme Court case that ended "Safer at Home" was decided on the basis of the "statutory limits on the power of government" not "a claim of individual liberty" or "any constitutional claim at all." @RickEsenberg on the Palm decision for @FedSoc
2 days ago
. @EmpowerWi's Matt Kittle quotes @WILawLiberty's @RickEsenberg in @townhallcom on the potential danger behind New York's @NRA lawsuit and what this could mean for other states:

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