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So Much For The Foxconn Bump

Yours truly was among those who believed the Foxconn deal moved Scott Walker from a slight to a solid re-election favorite. There have been multiple recent signs that internal Republican and Democratic polls show that to have been a bad call.

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Is Milwaukee’s East-West Freeway Back on Track?

Reporter Sean Ryan said Metro Milwaukee Association of Commerce (MMAC) and other business groups “are mobilizing behind” the effort of Reps. Joe Sanfelippo and Dale Kooyenga and Sen. Alberta Darling. Ryan quotes the MMAC’s Steve Baas as saying “We don’t take ‘no’ for an answer” when it comes to the project’s importance.

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That's a wrap from the Wisconsin Supreme Court in Voters With Facts v. City of Eau Claire.

Read more about our case here -->

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1 day ago
. @RickEsenberg will join @VickiMcKenna at 5:15 this afternoon to recap today's oral arguments at the Wisconsin Supreme Court.
1 day ago
Esenberg: We're challenging the fact that project costs are being reimbursed at the cost of the taxpayers.

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RT @WILawLiberty: WILL President and General Counsel Rick Esenberg up now at the Wisconsin Supreme Court. https://t… RightWisconsin photo
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RT @WillFlandersWI: Exciting new evidence on the benefits of #SchoolChoice in Milwaukee from the @urbaninstitute & @P_Diddy_Wolf. Students…
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RT @MacIverWisc: . @StateRepHutton reacts to the passage of the Employment Law Standardization Act:
“In today’s competitive economic env…
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Key Reads

Dr. Will Flanders, the Research Director for the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, joins Editor James Wigderson on this week’s episode of RightWisconsin Conversations. Flanders discusses his work on school choice, including his recent work for school choice in Mississippi. He also explains some of his research about occupational licenses.

Finally, why did this nice guy from warm Georgia decide to come to wintry Wisconsin to do his research?

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