George Mitchell

What Tommy Didn’t Do

Describing support for a gas tax hike from former legislators David Prosser and Mike Ellis, Walters noted they were in the Legislature in 1995 “when the budget for highways was separated from other state spending and finally passed on Nov. 16.”  

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13 hours ago
WILL was proud to participate in a round table with @BetsyDeVosED in #Milwaukee, the birthplace of #SchoolChoice! WILawLiberty photo
13 hours ago
A year ago Polly stepped up. WILL is proud to stand with her and we're thrilled freedom prevailed in court.

WILawLiberty photo
15 hours ago
Judge rules NWTC violated student's First Amendment rights in valentines case
16 hours ago
ICYMI: WILL President @RickEsenberg joined @wtaq
to discuss a significant First Amendment victory Friday in Wisconsin.



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