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24 minutes ago
The statistical analysis estimates the reforms increased labor force participation by nearly 0.6% in Wisconsin – or about 28,000 workers – between 2015 and 2019.
27 minutes ago
NEW: Walker-era FoodShare Reforms Lowered Unemployment, Boosted Labor Force Participation

Details --> https://t.co/Gz14V7monD https://t.co/4UIt77cKP3
3 days ago
Congratulations to the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty. Immitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
However, this new lefty legal team misunderstands what W.I.L.L does.
They aren't anti-dem. They are pro-law & constitution.
https://t.co/LWbwNPWQZa via @WiStateJournal
3 days ago
WILL files a motion for summary judgment in the Polk County lawsuit challenging @GovEvers legal authority to issue multiple emergency declarations in response to COVID-19. Judge needs to explain why he thinks it's OK for Evers to grab power #wiright #wipolitics @WILawLiberty

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