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WILL Taking the Bar to Court

Wisconsin currently requires attorneys practicing in our state to be members of the bar association. Two attorneys, with the help and representation of the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL), are hoping to change that.

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Evers Medicaid Announcement Criticized

“Any decision to expand Medicaid requires approval by the legislature,” said CJ Szafir, Executive Vice President for WILL. “WILL intends to monitor the administration’s actions to ensure that they comply with the law and the state constitution.”

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@WILL on Twitter

2 days ago
"WILL is interested in the First Amendment issues raised by this incident and concerned by any attempt to exclude speakers based on their point of view.”

3 days ago
Today, on a 4-3 vote, the Wisconsin Supreme Court voted to uphold the state's lame duck laws. https://t.co/L9uIgoEre8 WILawLiberty photo
3 days ago
WILL President @RickEsenberg: “Extraordinary sessions have been going on for years pursuant to both statute and an explicit legislative rule. No one was fooled by them.”

3 days ago
Platform Client, @WILawLiberty, submitted an amicus brief asking the Supreme Court to let a war memorial stand. Yesterday, the Supreme Court agreed. https://t.co/gRzv2A8aeA


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