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WILL Taking the Bar to Court

Wisconsin currently requires attorneys practicing in our state to be members of the bar association. Two attorneys, with the help and representation of the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL), are hoping to change that.

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2 hours ago
Deputy Counsel Tom Kamenick joins @VickiMcKenna at 3:15 on @1310WIBA to discuss WILL's defeat of a gun ban in public housing.

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3 hours ago
Listen to our podcast interview with Paul Gigot, Pulitzer Prize-winning Editorial Page Editor of the Wall Street Journal https://t.co/kjInZMtSSC Gigot, who helped shine a spotlight on the dark John Doe, will speak at tonight's @WILawLiberty Annual Gala. #wiright #wipolitics
3 hours ago
"Making bake sales and lemonade stands legal is a great first step. But enshrining the right to earn a living for workers, professionals and entrepreneurs ought to be the goal."

8 hours ago
NEW: WILL Defeats Gun Ban, Defends Second Amendment.

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