James Wigderson

When a Person of Low Character Has No Opposition

Democrats were probably justified in kicking Barca to the curb, especially since every Democratic candidate for governor is opposed to Foxconn (until Andy Gronik changes his mind again). However, by picking Hintz by letting him run unopposed, Democrats are reminding voters that the party really does not believe good character is a prerequisite for public officials.

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Neitzel Addresses Foxconn Deal Critics at IBAW Manufacturing Summit

Neitzel said that opponents of the Foxconn legislation are treating the development as just another manufacturing facility. “What it really is, is bringing a whole new industry to North America and planting it right here in Wisconsin,” Neitzel said. “So the whole supply chain has to come with Foxconn. They have to create a supply chain in North America and in Wisconsin.”

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@WILL on Twitter

16 hours ago
WILL was proud to participate in a round table with @BetsyDeVosED in #Milwaukee, the birthplace of #SchoolChoice! https://t.co/QvY7gi1oFL WILawLiberty photo
16 hours ago
A year ago Polly stepped up. WILL is proud to stand with her and we're thrilled freedom prevailed in court.

--> https://t.co/bc0ywX6fo3 https://t.co/xNJhlbImf5
WILawLiberty photo
18 hours ago
Judge rules NWTC violated student's First Amendment rights in valentines case https://t.co/cRCDhnY3A3
19 hours ago
ICYMI: WILL President @RickEsenberg joined @wtaq
to discuss a significant First Amendment victory Friday in Wisconsin.

--> https://t.co/R40Zf7rZt7


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