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12 hours ago
WILL's defense of @MarquetteU Professor @jmcadams' academic freedom and free speech is a finalist for Biggest Win Award from @StatePolicy.

Vote for WILL today--> https://t.co/76Dxq5TX9E https://t.co/2FsY17SEMz
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3 days ago
Why should you care about price transparency in #Healthcare? Because it is lowering healthcare costs.

Wisconsin earned an "F" on price transparency.

Learn more --> https://t.co/JHfClIh1go https://t.co/U1J5FeQbfg
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3 days ago
A WILL study found states with better healthcare price transparency have lower healthcare costs.

Learn more --> https://t.co/JHfClIyC7W https://t.co/FxgKhV6Ksb
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