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Liberals Roll a Willing Patrick Marley on Logrolling Accusation

Marley has a story that speculates something happened but there is no evidence of it happening, that there’s actually an indication that it didn’t happen, that if it did happen it wasn’t illegal, and that even the Democratic attorney who signed a recall petition agrees it wasn’t illegal, but Marley ran with a biased story that does not bother to consult any conservative legal experts.

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Vinehout Gave Character Reference Letter to Child Pornography Pervert

The Capital Times reported Thursday state Sen. Kathleen Vinehout, D-Alma, wrote a character reference for former Democratic Legislative Council attorney David L. Lovell who was found guilty of child pornography possession. The Capital Times reported that Vinehout, a Democratic candidate for governor, was the only member of the legislature to send a character reference to the judge before the sentencing of Lovell.

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9 hours ago
New York's #NRA lawsuit has troubling implications for Wisconsinites who have seen government suppression of free speech before. @WILawLiberty @RickEsenberg & @EmpowerWi's Matt Kittle via @townhallcom: https://t.co/6Nzpsihrp5
3 days ago
Shawano County (11) and Langlade County (7) lead the way with the most Wisconsin ZIP codes without easy access to high-performing schools. Another eight Wisconsin counties have four or more ZIP codes without high-performing school options.

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3 days ago
Thankful for our allies at @TheBuckeyeInst for joining this fight |
The Buckeye Institute Calls on Court to Help All Schools Safely Reopen - The Buckeye Institute onc... https://t.co/wEYqvSFidS
3 days ago
WILL is standing up for private schools and parental choice in these critical legal fights over CARES Act relief.

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