Jay Miller

New tax law offers chance to infuse private capital into distressed areas

Large areas of inner-city Milwaukee, as well as Racine, Kenosha and elsewhere, would be strong candidates for Opportunity Zone designation. That these communities would benefit from an infusion of new capital — if spent well — can hardly be doubted. Moreover, unlike most government programs, this one would be funded with private capital that could be used to start up or expand businesses starving for resources.

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11 minutes ago
WILL Complaint: Wisconsin Election Commission Violating State Law

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12 minutes ago
This is a big deal. #WiRight fought for years to get Elections Board/Commission to keep voter roles accurate. New law must be followed.
16 hours ago
WILL deputy counsel @ltvebber also testified in favor of the bill Tuesday, and he stressed the push "is not partisan" because governors of both parties have used the authority to increase spending.



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