Jerry Bader

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17 hours ago
“The people of Wisconsin never intended the check on legislative power the Governor's veto represents to permit the Governor to legislate on his own," said @RickEsenberg who's representing the three Wisconsin taxpayers in the case.
17 hours ago
WILL President @rickesenberg to @JayWeber3: "We have asked the Supreme Court to reexamine its interpretation of the governor's veto power because this is simply inconsistent with the separation of powers."

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17 hours ago
Big day in court. Virtual education and the rule making process. @WILawLiberty making the case! Thank you to all the school leaders who showed up to support. WILawLiberty photo
18 hours ago
. @RickEsenberg on @JayWeber3 this AM: "If you don't like the law, ask for the law to be changed. But I think the law was enacted for a good reason."

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