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2 days ago
ICYMI: WILL's @OConnorCori joined @WTMJSteve and @jimsteineke this morning for the Friday Forum on @620wtmj.
2 days ago
A follow up on the freedom of speech issue at NWTC @NWTC on the @WTAQMorningNews with Matt & @EarlBrooker. Rick Esenberg @RickEsenberg of the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty @WILawLiberty gave us the latest. ICYMI-check out the podcast @NewsTalkWTAQ
2 days ago
WILL's Cori Petersen joins the Friday Forum next on @620wtmj with @WTMJSteve and @jimsteineke.

Tune in!
3 days ago
ICYMI: WILL President @RickEsenberg joined @WTAQMorningNews for an update on WILL's campus #freespeech case against @NWTC.


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