Joe Sanfelippo

East-West Project Represents ATM for Wisconsin’s Economy

More than any other project in the state, the I-94 East-West corridor renovation represents a critical imperative with impacts throughout Wisconsin. Our infrastructure supports our state’s ATM – Agriculture, Tourism, and Manufacturing – and an investment in the East-West corridor project promises to provide multifold economic benefits far into the future.

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46 minutes ago
A new piece by @WillFlandersWI on recent study from @WILawLiberty that shows that union membership and politics played a bigger role than COVID-19 prevalence in school district decisions to go to virtual schooling.
1 day ago
New from Research Director @WillFlandersWI: Are teachers unions influencing virtual schooling more than pandemic science?
1 day ago
. @Journaltimes editorial praises WILL's recent original action to the Wisconsin Supreme Court challenging Racine's school closure order.

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2 days ago
"...if political ideology and teachers unions are the deciding factors for whether a district will meet in person or not — not the science and the evidence — then it seems that districts across the country may have their priorities a bit backwards."

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