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A Time for Big Ideas on Taxes

Currently in our tax code raisins are tax exempt and yogurt is tax exempt, but yogurt-covered raisins are taxable. And honey is tax exempt and roasted nuts are tax exempt, but honey-roasted nuts are taxable. 

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3 hours ago
Do the people of Wisconsin have the right to reopen? Check out this conversation between WILL President and General Counsel @RickEsenberg and NRI's @AndrewCMcCarthy:
9 hours ago
Last week WILL asked the court to invalidate a new tax used to fund big-ticket spending items: “State law is clear that county sales taxes are permitted for one purpose, and one purpose only: direct property tax reduction," said Deputy Counsel @aloco48
11 hours ago
Wisconsin advocacy group sues on behalf of family seeking school choice scholarship -

Countdown to Democratic National Convention

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