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2020 Dems are going hard against #schoolchoice pitting them against low-income children in Milwaukee - where the Convention will be in 1 year.

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5 hours ago
. @TheDemocrats come to #Milwaukee next year for their convention - the birthplace of private school choice. So why are Dem candidates for pres attacking #SchoolChoice, a popular and effective program for low-income families?

https://t.co/KnYIW8EEVF https://t.co/g28OnAWWWp
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6 hours ago
OPINION: To Win Over Midwesterners, Democrats Should Rethink School Choice Stance https://t.co/UVv9gf37Fq

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6 hours ago
"They refuse to sell the building because they view it as competition."

WILL's @CJSzafir to @WJFW12 on the fight for #SchoolChoice in Mattoon, Wis.

STORY HERE --> https://t.co/pQ5mccuIJK https://t.co/Lcn9pxT0IX
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