M. D. Kittle

@WILL on Twitter

3 days ago
Wisconsin changed the law to require guidance documents to be posted online for all to see. Now the feds will follow suit. More transparency = better government. https://t.co/AsAY1x18gn
3 days ago
Want to learn more about guidance documents and why they matter? Check out this @FedSoc video explainer: https://t.co/szG9f9D215 https://t.co/AsAY1x18gn
3 days ago
" @RickEsenberg said, students don't have a constitutional right to physically interfere or block access to a speaker. On the other hand, the right to legitimate protest must be protected, as well."

3 days ago
"What has worked in Wisconsin can work at the federal level, and we applaud @realDonaldTrump's efforts to improve the federal bureaucracy."



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