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My Tomah VA Story

Every day, 20 veterans take their own life. I almost became one of them because the Tomah VA Hospital let me down. But I’m not a special case. The hospital failed so many of my fellow veterans.

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2 hours ago
Bipartisan proposals to reduce healthcare costs? The @WTAQMorningNews with Matt & @EarlBrooker spoke with Cori Peterson at the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty @WILawLiberty on the policy brief. If you missed it, check out the podcast! @NewsTalkWTAQ
2 hours ago
. @WillFlandersWI joins @JohnMuirWTAQ at 10:04 this morning on @NewsTalkWTAQ to discuss WILL's new policy brief with seven common sense healthcare reforms for #Wisconsin.

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2 hours ago
Finally, @GovEvers said Milwaukee #SchoolChoice hasn't improved outcomes for the kids left in public schools.

That's not true.

All 6 Milwaukee-based studies on the subject found that #SchoolChoice competition *improved outcomes for kids in public schools* too.
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3 hours ago
Wisconsin is not going to agree on Medicaid expansion, but that doesn't mean the state should forgo healthcare reform. Here are 7 ideas that for reform that Wisconsin could do right now, many of which have bipartisan support.


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