Natalie Goodnow

Why Foster Forward Is Needed

A new report called “Flooding the System” from the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty examines two of the biggest issues facing the state today: the opioid crisis and the increase of kids in foster care. This study shows just how closely these two problems are intertwined and confirms the need for legislative action like Foster Forward.

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2 days ago
"Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty... and former governor Scott Walker are among the many folks who have been urging SCOTUS to take this case and run with it."
3 days ago
WILL's 2019 Apples to Apples report finds, for a third year in a row, Wisconsin’s charter schools and private schools in the choice program are outperforming traditional public schools.
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4 days ago
“The Court’s decision reminds circuit courts that they don’t have the final word on a statute’s constitutionality and need to be more careful about blocking the operation of laws while they are being appealed,”

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