Ola Lisowski

@WILL on Twitter

19 hours ago
"...invoking cloture without regard to a particular candidate’s merits...serves no purpose other than gumming up the works. highly qualified judges are languishing for far too long." https://t.co/rKF2ck7eOU
23 hours ago
ICYMI: Check out Cori Petersen's @realclearpolicy piece on the use and abuse of the cloture vote. --> https://t.co/rKF2ck7eOU https://t.co/uTDJOv2WGl WILawLiberty photo
2 days ago
WILL's @NatalieGoodnow will be speaking at a @NR_Institute panel titled "Fostering A Culture of Hope: Exploring Faith-Based Solutions to Foster Care Needs" in Washington DC on Thursday. Check out the event here --> https://t.co/IhMJidrCxv https://t.co/IAusDVvvKK WILawLiberty photo
2 days ago
Check out WILL's Cori Petersen on the use and abuse of the cloture vote to slow down judicial nominations. https://t.co/m8O7uJuyfa https://t.co/7wrS51lp4L WILawLiberty photo

@RightWisconsin on Twitter

22 hours ago
They must have a full time guard on it to protect it from the liquor distributors and the tavern league trying to burn it. https://t.co/NUV68a3bfE
RightWisconsin photo
Patrick Marley @patrickdmarley
A very Wisconsin book is sitting on the coffee table in the library at the governor’s mansion. https://t.co/XozNN17URv
22 hours ago
It must be an election year. Tammy Baldwin is on TV again trying to portray herself as a non-partisan, soft-spoken hugger who cares. Where's the commercial of her with Sens. Warren, Harris and Sanders calling for higher taxes, bigger government?
22 hours ago
I bet Barca is kicking himself right about now. https://t.co/dUqWV8kk2s
22 hours ago
@rossacrosswi @EarlBrooker @WillFlandersWI @WILawLiberty @NewsTalkWTAQ Is that how @rossacrosswi works? Someone writes a check to @onewisconsinnow and @rossacrosswi goes into hitman mode?


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