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@WILL on Twitter

3 days ago
. @RickEsenberg and @collinroth of @WILawLiberty write in National Review about potential Kimberly-Clark incentive package: Wisconsin Republicans set a dangerous precedent to "save" jobs
3 days ago
. @collinroth will join Matt Kittle on @newstalk1130 at 2:30 PM today to discuss this piece. Tune in!
WILawLiberty photo
WILL @WILawLiberty
WILL's @RickEsenberg and @collinroth write at @NRO on the dangerous precedent of bailing out struggling businesses, especially in a good economy
3 days ago
To ‘Save’ Jobs, Wisconsin Republicans Set a Dangerous Precedent WILawLiberty photo

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20 hours ago
Is it a massive conspiracy? Almost certainly not. Does the 90% Democrat media who constantly lectures about public about “diversity” suffer from a serious echo chamber issue? Absolutely. That’s all.
20 hours ago
Arresting people who are suspected of murder? That's not the Kennedy way.


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