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18 hours ago
#SchoolChoice Victory: @WisconsinDPI drops illegal policy after WILL lawsuit. Policy blocked some families from accessing #schoolchoice program.

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20 hours ago
Facing a @WILawLiberty- led lawsuit, DPI and Department of Revenue agree to end illegal policy that blocked Wisconsin families from enrolling in the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program. More to come at Wisconsin Spotlight #wiright #wipolitics
21 hours ago
@WisconsinDPI DPI and DOR have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding that eliminates the “one and done” policy. As a result, the Olguin family was able to access a voucher through the WPCP and enroll at Heritage Christian Schools.

WILL dismissed the lawsuit on June 26.
21 hours ago
@WisconsinDPI WILL filed a lawsuit against @wisconsindpi in May after a West Allis family was denied entry into the WPCP as a result of an illegal “one and done” policy that prevented families from applying more than once during an enrollment period—regardless of a change in circumstances.

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