The Guns of Paul Soglin

Madison Mayor Paul Soglin, a possible Democratic candidate for governor, recognizes that his city has a crime problem. Since locking up the bad guys is no longer fashionable, and since more police would only be seen as an “occupying force” in the People’s Republic of Madison, Soglin is putting out the reward posters.

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1 hour ago
Do the people of Wisconsin have the right to reopen? Check out this conversation between WILL President and General Counsel @RickEsenberg and NRI's @AndrewCMcCarthy: https://t.co/Fg4DdSpI8k
8 hours ago
Last week WILL asked the court to invalidate a new tax used to fund big-ticket spending items: “State law is clear that county sales taxes are permitted for one purpose, and one purpose only: direct property tax reduction," said Deputy Counsel @aloco48 https://t.co/GYBPGOE7kq
9 hours ago
Wisconsin advocacy group sues on behalf of family seeking school choice scholarship - https://t.co/kUwz4tWrBq

Countdown to Democratic National Convention

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