WILL Statement in Appleton Open Records Case

In a victory for open and transparent government in Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled unanimously today that the Appleton Area School District violated the Open Meetings Law by excluding the public from meetings of a formal book review committee. The case garnered significant statewide interest, with amicus briefs from the Department of Justice and a coalition of the Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council, the Wisconsin Newspapers Association, and the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association.

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2 days ago
Research Director @WillFlandersWI finds proposed @MilwaukeeMPS referendum could cost state $200 million additional dollars, and out-state districts would likely suffer.

2 days ago
If a proposed $640 million referendum for @MilwaukeeMPS passes, local taxpayers won’t be the only ones on the hook. A referendum of this size would result in as much as $200 million additional dollars in state money to Milwaukee Public Schools.

2 days ago
Milwaukee Referendum Would Cost STATE TAXPAYERS Additional $200 Million! by @WILawLiberty https://t.co/lPU8x2sJC6
3 days ago
Taxpayers around the state should be concerned about @MilwaukeeMPS's proposed referendum. They aren't just raising taxes on themselves, but would also pull in millions in additional state aid.



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