Rohn Bishop

The End of the Wisconsin Era

I’m proud to volunteer for a Republican Party that Reince Priebus built, to live in a state that Scott Walker opened for business, and to live in a country that Paul Ryan worked to make great again.  

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A Real Response is Needed for School Shootings

While the left and right argue over gun control, the Second Amendment, and what we as a broader society need to do; we’re arguing over long-term solutions that never happen anyway. Securing our schools and not accepting that our schools have to be killing fields is a way to fight back immediately.

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@WILL on Twitter

36 minutes ago
Great @federalist story with @govwalker featuring results of new @wilawliberty study | Great Recession Recovery Shows The Path Forward After COVID: Jobs
43 minutes ago
Great piece highlighting our new research on the impact of welfare reforms under Governor @ScottWalker on employment. These policies represent a path forward towards recovery after the #coronavirus pandemic.
43 minutes ago
@ScottWalker said, “Working with a reform-minded Legislature, we enacted bold policies in Wisconsin that led to more people working than ever before, and public assistance that was more like a trampoline and less like a hammock. @WILawLiberty @RightWisconsin
47 minutes ago
Conservative law firm argues governor should go through rulemaking process for pandemic

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