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19 hours ago
Research Director @WillFlandersWI in @CapTimes: "We can ease the hardships of educating during COVID-19 with smart policy"
20 hours ago
Similarly, a comparable @NevadaPolicyRI analysis found that Nevada's prevailing-wage rates were ~60% higher than market rates.

Looking for ways to narrow the #Coronavirus budget gap? Abolishing prevailing-wage mandates is a good place to start...

20 hours ago
As we look towards economic recovery from #coronavirus, the antiquated Davis-Bacon law is a job killer that also hurts state budgets at a time where funding will be extremely tight.
20 hours ago
@WillFlandersWI Survey with Associated Builders and Contractors – Wisconsin found:

--> 90% said Davis-Bacon law raises costs

--> 67% report repeal of Davis-Bacon would mean more bids

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